BAT's are not transferring to Uphold Account

same here. I have only 1 device connected and the current balance is showing 27.7 BATs. but I didn’t receive it for August yet

Hi sir,
I am rajib paul. I’m using brave browser till 2+ month but this month my brave rewards not transfer to my Uphold wallet for that reason im unable to withdraw my reward kindly help and transfer this reward

Thanks and regards

Rajib paul

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I have same problem.

The payout is still in process, soon you’ll receive your rewards. For more info > MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support


OK. How much time taken to resolve this issue?

Please follow the link provided by @ShineWhine above. There the brave support member @steeven is updating the status by every hour.

tomorrow and tomorrow …


Too long to process :frowning:


my payment not transfer to my uphold account and i am new user


I think compared to previous month the users also increased. May be they didn’t expect the increasing graph :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: to take prior steps for the exact payout.

Might be . The decreased the Revenue too :frowning:

How many devices did you connect to the same Uphold account?

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I get my payment for the month of July ads this day. Thank you @steeven :slight_smile:

Are u using mobile or pc?

But I dint receive any yet!!! :sleepy::man_facepalming:

Did anyone’s BAT get transferred from mobile to Uphold?

No not yet!! But from the last three days payouts are happening to my uphold with some random BAT :thinking:

Not yet … I have 2 browser
1 verified before 5august get paid(uphold).
1 browser verified after 4 august not yet paid(uphold) …

Random BAT’s? . Might be from one of your devices?

In all of my devices ive approximately 10 to 20BAT

But the deposit BAT is around 3 to 7