BAT disappeared


I use to have 20 BAT bonus in my Android Brave wallet but they have now disappeared and I can’t see the historic on my wallet to see where they went.

The automated contribution is off and I didn’t delete the cache or data from my phone or the brave browser.

Anyway I can check what happened?

@Yafee from which resource that you received the BAT? If you received a grants before, then maybe it’s expected. Any BAT that you received from grants will be sent back to UGP if you not used it within 90 days.

Yes it was the welcoming grant.
I wish there was at least some warning before so we can use them accordingly.

On mobile there is no timer or anything and we cannot even check the history.

It’s a very shady practices.

There’s. When on chrome://rewards > clicking the wallet balance.

Or via Rewards panel at URL bar.

BAT from grants, on desktop or Android, will always have 90 days expiration date.

+1 on this. IIRC, the team is working on it.

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Indeed there is at least an expiration date.
My bad on this.

A reminder would still be useful.
And good to know your working on the historic

Anyway thanks for the help.
I’ll know to be more careful with the grants.