Brave Reward disappeared

I’m confuse. I saw my reward it says 40 bat in total but then when I verified it with my uphold account it says 23 bat. Where’s the rest? Lool
Can someone help me to understand?


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i have same problem , i have 3 accounts i earned 9 dolar each one but brave sended me 22,3 dolar

@visioN1 @Simelo2,
This is because BAT that was in your wallet that was sourced by BAT grants (that is, free BAT grants that used to be regularly issued to all users).

Yea but I still don’t get it tho. How come 17 bat just disappeared.

What about all the BAT which left in my brave rewards section?
Will they be given to us or not?

When you verify you wallet with Uphold:

In your Uphold account, you will receive any BAT that:

  • You personally have purchased
  • That was earned by viewing Brave ads/sponsored images

You will not receive:

  • Any BAT that was sourced by grants

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