40 BAT Missing?

I had 40 BAT in my Wallet when I first installed the Brave browser. On June 1st my Wallet Balance shows 0.0 balance. Where did my BAT go?

All grants donated by brave have an expiry date. this is only invoked if the user fails to donate the bat to his/her favourite publisher.

Not your keys, not your… oh wait, it’s gone.

Good to know. Would have been better to know without having to research it on a forum. I can see how this will turn a lot of users off. Expiring awards suck both here and from others. Don’t need another thing to pay attention to in life. Easier to just ignore.

I also had 40 BAT that is now gone. Not all of my BAT was granted to me by Brave. I had participated in some 3rd party surveys as well.

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