BAT disapeard from brownser

Hello everyone,

I have been using brave browser for over a year now and had around 150 BAT from browsing

But all my BAT have disapeared, all i have left is the reward I have earned in february.

Please note that I have checked my wallet and it seems to be the same one (the restore key is the same)

Could any of you help me please ?


Hi @brams3 - thanks for reaching out. Was the BAT from Grants? Do you have Auto-Contribute enabled?

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for your prompt reply !

Yes it is only BAT I’ve earned from reward, what I have purchased on an exchange is on my ledger.

Auto contribute is Off


@steeven Could you help me out please


Hi @brams3 - just to clarify, the BAT is from Grants, from viewing ads, or from tips?

Have you completed KYC with Uphold and verified your wallet?

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