BAT Disappeared to (turned-off) Auto-Contributions

(Mobile browser, if it helps any.)

I had approximately 20-ish BATs in the beginning of the month, saving up for one of my publishers. For some reason, when I checked on payouts the other day, I had BAT taken out for Auto-Contributions.

I never had those on with this device.

A hundred-plus notifications for ‘an error’ occuring while processing Auto-Contributions later, I’m now back to 0 BAT. Even now, I still have a notification on my Rewards button about the Contribution being incomplete for ‘insufficient funds’, despite still having them off (and closing the notification; it comes back a few seconds later.)

Is this a common issue, or is it my luck? All I really care about is getting that notification off, but if there’s a way to regain the lost BAT, that would be amazing.

Thank you in advance!

Closing as a duplicate of For Brave users impacted by the Auto-Contribute bug