BAT disappeared after linking gemini account

After finally being able to set up and link a Gemini account to brave, all the BAT I had accumulated has completely disappeared. Not on brave balance or Gemini balance. I had something like 46 BAT in the brave wallet that got zero’d the second the account got linked. Can an admin look into this please, and thank you in advance

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Bit more info, it has been about a day since the accounts were linked.
Can I also ask why we need to go through a 3rd party instead of withdrawing directly to a wallet. Exodus and many other wallets support BAT. It would be a lot easier for the users to at least have the ability to withdraw directly. Is there any reason why this is not possible?

Still awaiting a response on this issue 13 hours later…

Same here, been waiting since February 7th.

Danny, what you are likely seeing is a transfer of your BAT to your custodial wallet at Gemini. It may take time to process just like normal payments due. We always hope that it would appear instantaneously but unfortunately it can sometimes take up the three weeks before we see things. If you know how to go into your Brave internals, you can go there in under your activity log you should be able to see some sort of transaction where your tokens were transferred or something.


At my Brave rewards page it says:

Your +0.12 BAT January rewards are on the way. Keep an eye out! Check status

But I’ve earned way more than 0.12 BAT over the past months I’ve been using Brave. What about these BATs?

Thank you for trying to help. I have checked brave://rewards-internals/ and under event logs it says 45.75 BAT claimed, but under the general info it says this:

Balance info

Total balance 0 BAT

bitFlyer Wallet: 0 BAT

Rewards BAT: 0 BAT

Gemini wallet: 0 BAT

Uphold Wallet: 0 BAT

@ilhom550 Those 0.12 BAT you see is just what you earned in January. It is a small amount and not sure why it might be so small. It seems you didn’t see many ads, which there could be a variety of reasons that cause that.

That 0.12 will be applied to all prior BAT earned in past months. What you’ve earned in the past will be in whatever “wallet” you have them at. That’s Gemini or Uphold typically. If you haven’t verified any, they will be seen within your Brave Rewards menu and are effectively store in your browser until you verify elsewhere. So long as it’s stuck in your browser and not in a verified wallet, you won’t be able to turn BAT into money.

@Dannyvw Yeah, it might be in transit. Brave knows it sent to Gemini but now it would be waiting for Gemini to receive it, add to your account, and communicate that with the browser. I’m guessing you should see it appear sometime today but it all depends on where it is in the data that’s been sent out. It could be today, tomorrow, or a week from now. I guess if you’re too uncomfortable, you can DM @steeven with the information in your brave://rewards-internals/ and he’ll be able to look at things from the server side to see if can find it. Ideally I’d suggest to give it the rest of the week if you can, but I’ll leave that decision to you.

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I verified my wallet to Gemini the moment you guys anounced that it works on Reddit (February 7th) and my BAT reset went from like 4 BAT to 0. And it still hasn’t changed since. I didn’t even get the BAT I was supposed to get from January.

Experiencing the same issue as described here. There’s no reason for there not being any communication about what will happen once you verify a wallet; If I had known verifying a wallet would’ve zeroed out my balance and taken up to a month to resolve, I wouldn’t have done it.

Edit: transaction hit my Gemini account, so all good on my end! You guys should consider surfacing this issue with Gemini in the rewards UI.

Usually it never takes as long. There’s been something screwy going on. Not sure how much has to do with Brave compared to other factors. But like Uphold payments still haven’t fully gone through, Gemini was down all of last month and recently announced it was down again, etc.

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Sadly still nothing this end. Steven is apparently looking into it for me. I’m glad yours have come through toasty, that gives me a little hope that it isn’t lost

@toastytoasterson how long did it take you from linking the Gemini account to receiving the BAT? it’s been 10 days for me and I haven’t see anything yet. thanks!

It came through a couple days ago, I think stevenn had to do something to force it through so definitely give him a message


Thanks for the heads up :pray:t3: I’ll drop him a message!

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