BAT disappeared from wallet after linking account

This happened after I linked my Gemini account with my brave wallet with the new browser update. The second I linked it, my account balance went to zero with seemingly no way to retrieve the funds. I noticed people mentioning it disappearing on the first of the month but this is not what I’ve experienced. Help would be appreciated, thank you.

If your tokens are appearing in your Gemini account then it might be some issue or bug in this update , if tokens haven’t arrived in Gemini account they might arrive in sometime otherwise adding your gemini account might have reset your Brave wallet.
Or your Auto contribution is on, if you want to keep BAT you have to turn it off.

Yea, to me it seems to have reset my Brave Wallet. I have nothing in my Gemini account nor have I seen a notification announcing the funds’ departure from my Brave Wallet. Just ‘poof’.

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