BAT crypto worth

So the more publishers you have, the more users you get, the more BAT tokens will come in play. Secondly where people can make money, they will try to take advantage and us Brave solely for the purpose of earning as much BAT as possible and then sell it for fiat or trade it. Isn’t there a danger that there will be too much BAT out there and the price will keep dropping?

Then advertisers who wants to run an ads campaign on BAT platform will buy BAT. :sweat_smile:

Yes I know :sweat_smile:, but I’m pretty new to all of this, so I’m wondering if this is sustainable? Maybe I’m asking it in a wrong way… I am not implying it will go down, I have honestly no idea, so that’s why I ask it here

You may want to open a new thread at (Official BAT Community forum for discussion, etc).

Closing this thread for now. :slight_smile: