BAT Coins suspended which is not appropriate

I need back my BAT coins which is suspended from brave browser.

Can you please try to explain more clearly and in greater detail what your situation is? There are many ways yours can be read, including to think your account was suspended…in which case you wouldn’t get BAT. Another is that perhaps a payment was pending and you never received it. I can see quite a number of other potential meanings as well.

We’ll be able to give you the right advice and connect you to the proper support if you can tell us exactly what your issue is.


Mail 1:-
i want to recover my earning ( 11+ BAT coins) which was lost due to formatting of my system

please resend my earnings to my account on brave browser.

thanks & waiting for your positive response.

Mail2:- reply from brave browser

If your account is under review, you were flagged due to suspicious activities detected by our automated system. If you are cleared, you will receive all BAT due to you in the following payout period.

Please note this is not an active support address, and emails unrelated to suspensions will not receive a response. For general questions, please visit the Brave Community at

In order to get your account cleared, we will have to review your account data. Before we can do so, we need to hear from you about a few things. The account review process will begin as soon as you answer these questions for us (please provide as much detail as possible).

  1. How did you solicit tips / contributions / referrals? What were your methods for doing so?
  2. Do you believe that there’s anything you did that may have accidentally triggered our security checks?

We’re happy to answer your questions about this process. Please be aware, however, that we cannot reveal specifics about which activities trigger our security checks.

The Brave Publishers Team

Mail 3:- my reply on the above mail
Hello Brave Team,

This is the required information which you requested as follows:-

  1. How did you solicit tips / contributions / referrals? What were your methods for doing so?

Ans:- i haven’t asked for any tips from anybody. i just visited the ads on the brave browser and got those tokens.
2) Do you believe that there’s anything you did that may have accidentally triggered our security checks?

Ans:- My system has to get formatted for an OS crash issue which may trigger these security checks.

I hope this clarifies all the doubts & i will get my earnings back.
Mail 4:- reminder mail from my side
hello brave team,

A complete month has passed away & nothing’s been done from your side. Please Look into this matter VERY URGENTLY.

Mail 5:- brave Team reply
Your request (141852) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Mail 6:- Brave team reply
Arya (Brave Software)

Jul 28, 2022, 7:31 AM PDT

Hi there, thanks for reaching out to us!

Unfortunately, you’ve contacted, which is intended only for the purpose of resolving Creator account suspensions. For general help, please visit our help forum at and our FAQ at

Thank you


I requesting one more help for “Link for reset my brave wallet password” which have old password phrase but still its not very helpfull.

If your account was verified with Uphold/Gemini →
Your BAT balance should recover after you login again.
If your brave rewards was unverified then →
There’s nothing much you can do, that BAT is gone cause it wasn’t backed up anywhere. But just in case you had backed it up with the manage brave rewards backup, you might be able to restore it (But i’m not sure about this though)
Hope this helps. Cheers!

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it should be there with my login plz do the needful


If you formatted your system, you deleted all data. One should always make a backup before formatting any system to avoid loosing things.

The question is, was your browser connected to Uphold or Gemini? As @SmartyAadi mentioned, if you were using Uphold or Gemini, your BAT is still there. Otherwise, no one can help you. By formatting your system you deleted all files including those which recorded your earned rewards.

To avoid disappointments in future, I recommend you to learn a bit more how Brave works by reading the sections in this page. That can save you a lot of troubles.

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So are you saying you had verified rewards with Uphold/Gemini?
If yes, you can still recover the Lost BAT. Hope this helps. Cheers!

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