My BATs are suspended, please help

I got this message on my brave account, These funds have been flagged for irregular activity. And my BATs are suspended… please help me me

Hi @Pranilk, have you received an email from Brave about this?

My account has been blocked 3 weeks and no one at Brave has adverted me.
I had to contact support for advertising anomalies.

I think you need to take the lead.


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No I never received any email

Hi, @Pranilk, you must be proactive and contact Brave about this to clear the matter, fix your account. This should be able to help get you started…

Good luck!

Edit: You can read this link for more suggestion, too. It might prove helpful… I do not receive payments from Brave Publishers - #4 by saereV

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Hi, @Pranilk, I honestly don’t have that answer, I’m sorry. Once you have a dialogue going with Brave Support you will find out.

I do wish you good luck. :crossed_fingers:

Out of curiosity howany bats did you tip yourself and how many times did you make these tips

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