I waiting Payouts bat every month!

to the honorable brave admin.
with this I would like to convey my current feelings that I have experienced for several months.

  • In March, I did not receive my bat token payment, the reason for my uphold account is not 30 days of verification.
  • In April, I did not receive payment because I was waiting for the queue. I didn’t get the payment queue to be paid in the next one.
  • May, same reason and no payment of bat at all.
  • June, my account was suspended for reasons of suspicious activity and I gave all the answers requested by the Brave to open my suspended account.
  • In July, my account was reactivated and during the BAT distribution I only received 15.13 bat and the rest will be paid in the following month, but after checking a few days later my bat balance was suspended.

so please what happened to my account that was in trouble finished immediately.

I am tired of waiting or waiting uncertainly, if you don’t want me to receive bat from brave, just block my brave reward account with my account in the brave community.


I don’t know if someone who actually knows something about this will respond, as cases like this are normally discussed per email only.

In the meantime: Could there be any valid reason for your BAT being suspended? Did you maybe tip yourself or work together with others to “move” your BAT? Or did you earn all of the 450 BAT just with your YouTube and Twitter account, and with one referral reward?
Because if you somehow violated the terms of service this would make sense of course. It could have been unintentional, too.

I only have 1 application brave does not have more accounts to move bat.

I’m sorry, but I don’t quite understand your response.
I am not saying that you have multiple browsers installed.
I’m just saying that maybe you did something to get those BAT which is against the rules. And maybe you didn’t know that it was against the rules.

For example:

  1. Did you tip yourself? (Using grants?)
  2. Did you have some friends tip you to be able to withdraw the BAT?

450 BAT is quite a lot, especially for your audience size on YouTube and Twitter.

I have already answered that question to the admin when my account was suspended before you asked.

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