My bat is suspended more than 1 month, no answer, no help from support :(

My bat is suspended since feb …

No response from the support or something…

200 bat is blocked for now.

Im a github developer, but github was not supported from the biginning of brave so i use youtube channel to get tips.

Plz help me :frowning:

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Someone can help me ?

Can i DM a moderator ?


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Also, everybody else can’t do anything for you.

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That’s not a payment problem …

You don’t read my case

This request become urgent plz.

More than 1 month my bat is blocked :frowning:

How do you mean “blocked” do you receive ads rewards, tips, or is your wallet blocked?

I think you should contact @steeven maybe he can help, or send mail to maybe they can explain why this still the case.

I already contacted @steeven but no response at all.

Waiting waiting waiting again again again

did you tip yourself ?

Your case will be reviewed in time for the next payout.

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