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Hello dear Brave Team,

I really started to enjoy the browser and came just up on one little problem. I can´t use my online Banking at Barclays. I´ve seen that there is an old post from last summer about this issue. Got you fixed it via Brave Nightly or in any other way?

On requesting my bank about it, they said to contact you about this issue. Since last September Barclay uses a PSD2 interface. So there probably you need to use this interface. I have no clue about this issue and what´s all about this, but I thought of informing you about it. More information about psd2 and the changes are listed here. Sorry for the German link:


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Can you try reloading the page but with all cookies allowed enabled.

This does not work. Still the Login Interface does not load. If i turn off all cross-site trackers it´s working properly… but this should not be the solution I guess.,
Well, its know for Shields to break some sites, if it works with allow all trackers, then you can leave that setting like that. The settings will only affect that page.

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