Backup Brave Wallet feature

Backup Brave Wallet, this is the most important feature we need!

Sometimes if something happens to our phone or pc then all our rewards be lost! It’s better to have a backup wallet feature.

I don’t understand why Brave doesn’t have this feature!!! Even they removed from Windows!!! Why!!!?? Do you want us to loss our hardwork put into getting rewards!!?

We want Backup Brave Wallet feature on Windows, Android, iOS and Linux.

  • Yes, we want Backup Brave Wallet feature!

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This issue would have been fixed! :-
Unable to Claim rewards on Android!

He wouldn’t have lost his wallet :-
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Requested by someone several months ago :-
When will brave android support uphold and wallet backup/restore?

Many issue like these would have been fixed or might have never occurred

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You might don’t know about the feature.

We do have that backup feature in brave. But currently it is available for desktop browsers.


after clicking this settings Icon from brave://rewards page, you will see a pop-up stating as:

Please enter the secret phrase you have here in restore tab. It will bring all the bat you have in previous browser to the new browser.

I don’t remember exactly where we can get that phrase. But @Mattches @eljuno might help you with this.


  • Please do read the documents, before following this. I’ll share the link if i find one to create secret phrase.
  • If you lost your secret phrase and someone found that, you may your loose your bat (So keep that very confidential).
  • More over if once, your wallet is verified with Uphold, there isn’t any chance of loosing your BAT.

Backup Wallet is limited to just recover the wallet on Windows.

New users cannot backup their wallet anymore.

Although old users who has recovery key only those can recover their wallet.

I do agree with @Mr.DD there should be a Backup Wallet option in case if we want to reset our device or if the device gets reset accidentally that backup can help recover our wallet.


I’m using windows 10 pc, I can see that backup feature :thinking:.

I find that feature is available in linux and Mac mini as well :blush:.

Let me know if misunderstood you @ShineWhine

That backup feature would have helped me alot in my case!

I can’t do anything there seems an issue with my mobile (I think) I would have backed up my wallet and try it on another device >> Unable to Claim rewards on Android!


Idk about other platforms but the main platforms (Windows, Android, iOS) which being used by wide audience should have this feature.

Specially Android.


Exactly @Mr.DD

And @Cline yes it would have helped me a lot as well! I lost my estimate 70+ bats in July because I had to format my device due to damage done by sd card!

Backup would have seriously helped me alot but what we can do now I lost my 70+ bats :persevere:

PS : Uphold was connected but I was 12 days away and I had no choice other than formatting my device!


Brave seems taking this as a “no use” feature but in reality it can fix many issues which begin reported here in Brave Community!

Also according to the message in the Backup in windows “The funds in your Brave wallet are virtual and not required to backup. It’s available for you to spend exclusively on this browser”

Okkk! So if we want to move to another phone or as @ShineWhine said if we want to reset our device for some reason would leave us with one option is to donate/tip our bat to our creator account buuut here as many people say tipping ourselves could lead us to account ban!!!

Also in this case Backup would help alot.

Above reason sounds acceptable???

Ok what about our phone is DEAD! In this case our estimated bats will be gone, no one can help! Also collecting 25 bats will take 2 months maximum in order to connect uphold!!!

There are many reasons for having a option to Backup our wallet.


Excellent points @Mr.DD @ShineWhine @Elson

We indeed need this feature



Yes! We need this feature.


So do I on Windows 7. :relaxed:

But are you able to Backup the wallet?

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sure, on this specific browser.

What do you mean by spesific browser!? Or you meant spesific version?

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Why this people taking this so lightly!!?

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Because they’re on windows or has this feature!


We aren’t against this thread. We are just mentioning that we do have this feature but restricted to desktop/laptop devices.

Brave will sure bring this feature to mobile browsers as well soon.

As the mobile users are being increased compared to the last few months, they will definitely keep an eye to bring backup feature ASAP. :pray::pray::pray:


Yes hope they add this feature it will be so helpful.


This feature was enable in the past, but since version 1.3 the recovery key only rescues pending rewards and no earned BAT from past months, devs decided to remove the option to see your seed phrase as an implicit way to say “Even if you have your seed phrase you can not recover your eanings” and since there where users complaining that they where recovering 0 BAT, well…

For now the efforts is to use syncV2 not only to sync bookmarks and those stuff, but to also use it like a way to recorver and protect your already gain BAT.



Thanks for your response. I hope they implement this feature on Sync V2.