Backup Brave Wallet feature

Thanks for your response. I hope they implement this feature on Sync V2.

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Thread updated including reasons and many requested threads.

Thanks all of you who voted :pray:t2:

We will not let this “feature request thread” go instinct like those others did.

Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:


Agree, brave should have Backup option in Android.


Very simple it is

Electronic wallets must have some kind of measures to safeguard bats
Eletronics fail and thats a fact

I think you have been misunderstood! We are talking about the in-browser backup wallet option.


I work trading and selling smartphones, so I don’t keep them for too long. For this reason I want to be able to sync my current Android device to my account so my bats are safe. I know it says 25 bats threshold. But sometimes I can’t get to one in a month. That’s why it’s important to me to be able to sync my Android to my already verified wallet.


Backup is necessary! Why don’t have this on Android yet and why they removed it from Windows???

So guess they hate backup!? What if their servers crash and they have no backup!? (Hope it won’t happen just take it as a example!)

We need this asap! (Take time but surely bring this feature please!)


It’s most needed, but recover balance in granted or claimed BAT on (Brave wallet ID) must recoverable because uphold wallet still use limit 4 to verify wallet and no option to manage verified wallet. Imagine, if your device has broken or lost, you can’t use your Uphold account to receive BAT grant


Hopefully, Uphold will either support more than 4 connected browser instances or allow users to “manage” those four (edit / delete unused instances already connected, and use slots to connect new)
Tech-savvy users can use Beta and Nightly, along Stable on both Android & PC - that’s six instances already. Limit of 4 on the Uphold side is: too low. Inability to manage (delete slot) is bad too… ;-(
To: @Mattches, @rossmoody, @Aa-ron & @alex - is there an official representative of Uphold here, dear? Someone who can address that? (is official Uphold representative present on - Can you please tag him or her?)

@Mr.dd - my main intent (when starting topics you quoted) was to have Uphold integration brought to the Android, not just Desktop. That actually happened. It took time but it’s :heavy_check_mark:-ed out.
That’s also the actual proof that Brave team listens the user advices. Uphold integration certainly brought an extra level of safety to everyone’s wallet. If someone reinstalls and reconnects (to verified Uphold) - previously earned BAT isn’t lost.

I just dont know what happens with ads displayed. If i reinstall Brave, I’m not sure if new instance, after connecting it to the Uphold again, would also save impressions i had for the active month. - thats maybe also something that Brave team could address (so that nobody loses even - impressions/received ads that weren’t paid out.)

Backup is what smart people do, for all data they care about.
= Save, save save! :heart:


But backup option is not available bro! @Rohit552

i also have backup feature ( WINDOWS 10 )

This application is broken, backup should be uphold and you should be always synced with it.

Until brave stops this internal wallet bulls**t people will lose money to bugs, and browser uninstalls and all sorts of “accidents”.

I have very weird stuff happening every month, always seems to be a new “surprise” every month, getting really annoying to use this browser really (like this: Brave rewards not transfering to uphold on one of my computers).

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@asadbaig25 Lol even I have that feature but new users can’t backup


What the heck! I recovered my wallet but Uphold wasn’t connected and the amount on Brave Wallet didn’t came!!?

But estimated rewards recovered! Does it takes time for uphold and brave wallet rewards to come!?

But if your account is connected to uphold then it will only recover estimates!

Thanks everyone for 100 votes. This shows how demanding this feature is and how important this feature will be.


Brave developers already know that. They’re quite smart. Uphold integration is sort of auto-backup for payments that went through.

Backup (desktop in-app wallet backup, that @asadbaig25 made you a screenshot of. ) works too! /if u read it, you’ll see that Uphold connection is: recommended…

Isn’t that the PRIMARY backup feature? To keep EARNED funds safe? That’s already accomplished. :heavy_check_mark:

Brave team has: priorities.

There are other issues that Brave devs are focused on, currently… like making sure that “Estimate payout next month” works properly (its inaccurate for the past couple of months), like making sure that payouts are accurate too - cause many of us received partial August payments (so they had to trigger mid-Sept payout #2 to make sure that everyone got what he/she “earned” - which is yet another demonstration of fairness…)

I don’t know how long you guys use Brave…
… but things ARE improving. And - new issues are popping up… Brave team is absolutely transparent about - everything. For me, that’s enough.

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I voted too, on auto-pilot (who doesn’t love backups lol :ghost:)

But, seriously - what kind of backup do you expect, @Mr.DD? Be precise. Because: Backup exists. :thinking:

It’s there for verified Uphold users - by default
AND for in-app wallets (manually)
AND via Brave support = manually save your chrome://rewards-internals/ data - that’s your uniquely identifiable crypto wallet and Brave team can easily help ya with everything, if you provide enough data.

So, what’s the problem?

What you said in initial post (quoted below) is incoherent. False.

Use Uphold. Use backup. Use chrome://rewards-internals/

If people mess up installation, without backing wallet up (using backup that exists. Or by saving Wallet payment ID.) - sure, they’ll lose BAT or pending payment. Isn’t that logical? Why would anyone do anything other than updates that happen automatically?

If people use Brave browser as supposed, things will run: smoothly.

Again, aside of Backup feature that exists - everyone can keep chrome://rewards-internals/ data somewhere safe and submit a Claim. Support answers within 30 days!
That also shows that we, users, can trust Brave… :orange_heart:

What “hard work”? - You’re just using browser - doing nothing… You get paid for your attention - and Brave is the only browser that will reward you for that.

:heavy_plus_sign: BAT isn’t primary & only Brave feature. Privacy is!
Speed, ad & tracker blocking is.

BAT is just a crypro currency made primarily to support/Tip other creative people; It CANNOT substitute your daily/primary job.

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To make things short -

Here’s a contact info for anyone who might be affected by any payment-related issue:

Brave support can be reached at - please include the information from your brave://rewards-internals (chrome://rewards-internals on Android) page & include as much info as you can (screenshots etc.).

My personal suggestion - use Uphold.
Verify yourself there (Uphold is obligated by law to perform KYC. It took me 3 minutes to verify myself.). And - enjoy. :wink:

Otherwise (until you reach 25 BAT needed for Uphold connection) - perform Backup AND keep this somewhere safe (ie. Google Keep):

chrome://rewards-internals (Android)
brave://rewards-internals (PC)

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