Brave Recovery key not showing

When i tried to backup my brave wallet, I did not found the recovery key

When i clicked on Backup then i got this :- “The funds in your Brave wallet are virtual and not required to backup. It’s available for you to spend exclusively on this browser.
If you’d like to secure all of your funds in the case of clean installing the browser or switching to a new device, and have other benefits such as adding, withdrawing and transferring funds, we recommendconnecting to a verified Uphold wallet.”

Brave Version( [Version 1.13.86 Chromium: 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

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Hello @Jack_sparrow

According to @ShineWhine in a new update of Brave Browser in windows Backup Wallet was limited to just recover wallet! New users cannot backup their wallet anymore!!!


If you want this feature back on Windows then please support this “feature request thread” and vote here :-


Seriously what ?! Alta that is a cheekiness that seeks its equal! Advertise great with blockchain and seed and all that stuff out there and then they fail at the most important point what this technology has to offer !! What the F4ck!!
This is an absolute nogo and I will communicate that to the outside world!


@cfqt Exactly, please vote here >> Backup Brave Wallet feature

So those devs and admins can understand how many people want this feature and this is indeed an important feature they’re missing out!

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To recover Brave wallet “Recovery key is needed” but there is no Recovery key So if any one looses Brave browser (like windows crash, uninstalled brave due to any problem) then how can he claim his rewards? + Brave uses my CPU and GPU at max usage but there is no solution available.

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