[Android] How do I recover Uphold verified account after browser is reinstalled?

Description of the issue:

I had an Uphold verified account on my Android App, but after uninstalling and reinstalling the App (for some other testing), I found that the App is no longer Uphold verified. It appears to have reset to a new wallet.

I don’t mind accumulating 25 BAT to re-verify, but my concern is that it will max out my account number limit (I believe is 4 at the time of this posting). I have already connected 3 accounts to Uphold including the one I just uninstalled.

How do I remove or restore the uninstalled Android App Uphold account so that my connected account remains at 3?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Have an verified Uphold account connected to Android App.
  2. Uninstall Android App.
  3. Reinstall Android App. Confirm BAT has been reset and not verified for Uphold Account.

Expected result:

Restore existing Uphold Verified Account on the newly installed Android App.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave 1.13.87, Chromium 85.0.4183.102

Mobile Device details

Android 10; SM-G973U Build/QP1A.190711.020

Additional Information:

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Hello @2than

There’s no way you can recover that old wallet/bats on Android! I’m sorry for your loss.

In this case a Backup Brave Wallet feature would have helped a lot.

Please vote here > Backup Brave Wallet feature

So Brave Staff team can bring this feature on Android and this kind of issue could never happen.



Thank you for confirming what I suspected was the case. It is disappointing to lose all the BAT on the previous install, but now I am more concerned with the second part of my question.

If I verify the new Android install with Uphold, that will make 4 devices connected to Uphold. As I recall, I will no longer receive BAT accumulated on additional devices connected to Uphold past 4. I feel uneasy maxing out the connection counts.

Is there a way to remove the lost wallet from Uphold. so that the connected Brave wallet count remains at 3? Is this the correct forum to be asking about removing connected Brave wallet from Uphold?

I think you can’t do anything to disconnect uphold, once it’s connected that wallet is counted and even if you disconnect from it, it will stay still counted! Hope it make sense, although I’m not entirely sure!

Maybe @ambrocioisaias2808 or @ShineWhine may know!

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Afaik, We can not disconnect the browsers from uphold.

The only option to dis-connect from uphold is in brave browser brave://rewards :relieved:.

More over you may can raise a ticket in uphold regarding the same. May be they can help you @2than :thinking:

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I´m copying this from another thread from an answer i gave. In resume, no you can not delete a wallet from uphold sync list for the moment, you can disconnect it but it will still be added to that list.



Damn great work mate @ambrocioisaias2808

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Thank you for the thorough explanation.

If I understood you correctly, for desktop browser reinstall, backup and restore using the wallet key before verifying with Uphold should keep the lifetime limit count the same. This is a very useful information.

However, for Android browser reinstalls, we are out of luck because I do not believe we can backup and restore Android browser wallet key. Do correct me if this is not so.

Hopefully, the Reward Sync feature will be rolled out before I get a new phone.

I did reach out to Uphold support and their response was not helpful at all.

Thanks for getting in touch with Uphold. We’re proud to be a partner of Brave and will be glad to assist. For this kind of issue, it’s best to contact Brave directly.

Yes, you understood well. If you have a seed phrase you can use it to avoid the 4 device limit. As for android, well that’s another story.

I’ve added that seed phrase in 3 devices, 3months ago. Yet I’ve the same bat in those devices and more over they were connected to uphold. (Not credited to uphold)

That´s odd, i have my seed phrase added over 2 profiles on brave stable and 1 on brave nightly (linux) and 1 on windows, all of them added to uphold, i haven´t had any problem with payments for the moment.

Idk what happened to my devices then :sleepy::sleepy:

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