Android (not desktop!) - Uphold sync & Backup wallet

Those are two feature requests, already requested by many. To link Android Brave installation to (verified) Uphold account and to Backup wallet on Android

I registered on this community just to check what’s happening with it?

I really hope that Brave devs do understand that Android version of Brave is less stable than Desktop, in terms that phone crashes / get changed / lost or stoled (etc!) way more often than fixed big box we call PC :computer: sitting in our rooms…

So, if any wallet needs to be backed up and saved, that’s - Android (phone) wallet.

In Brave subreddit this feature (backup of Android wallet) was promised in Q1 2019:


Next updates happen and we still didn’t get:

  1. Backup and restore for Android

Neither -

  1. Uphold wallet for Android

Any reason why?

Any ETA?