Only 5 Favorites on home screen iPad

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only 5 Favorites on home screen iPad:

**I have all my boodmarkes on Favorites. Since last update yesterday it only shows 5 itimes on my home screen, then you can tap “show more” and then it comes a list of all. But I want all items on my home screen without this “show more” list.

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.41.1 ( German Edition?!

Mobile Device details iPad 2018

Additional Information:
Thanks for your answer and thanks for your browser! It’s my favourite on iPad :slight_smile:
Don’t know if on iPhone it’s the same problems, haven’t used it.

You need to disable images to see the full list. This is by design to show only one row of favourites when images are shown in new tab. You can disable it by going to
Settings -> Display -> New Tab Page -> Turn off Show Background Images

Thanks for your answer sriram.

I already had it disabled the images but it still shows only one row on my iPad. So this is not the solution.

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I believe this is by design as well. Irrespecitive of background image or not you will see 5 favourites and show more is shown. @michal to confirm it

Before the Brave update with the background image, it worked fine with more than 5 favourites, so it looks like they introduced a bug or a bad design change :-/

I’ve forwarded your feedback to the design team. They will look into making it better.


Thanks for looking into this! It felt really weird seeing only five favorites and forcing an extra tap to see them all… :confused:

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