Can I turn off those useless stats and display more favorites on my iPad?

I’m considering transitioning from DDG to Brave on my iPad and so far I’m happy except for a couple of things: 1) Why does every tab show those useless stats, and can they be turned off as all they do is waste screen space? And, 2) Why does it display just the first 6 favorites while the rest of the screen is blank? It’s dumb to have to touch “Show More” to access favorites when 90% of the screen is blank and all of them could be displayed on one screen. I should be able set it to default to the screen that shows all my favorites instead of having to touch “Show More” every. bloody. time.

Well, at least you got 6. I have only 4 and no " show more" option :man_shrugging:t3:

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I don’t use an iPad but hopefully everything works the same as on my PC! If you go to the Customize Dashboard and then Top Sites there is an option to curate your own sites. You can disable the option to display stats in there too.

1. Click Customize (lower right corner on home page)


2. Click Top Sites

3. Click Brave Stats

That’s the PC browser. The iOS version is different doesn’t have that much customization.

ooops, warned ya… I didn’t even realize ipad = ios until now (I guess that’s true).

Sorry for the interruption. Please continue. :wink:

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