Latest Update to Favorites screen (pictures)

how can I turn off the new “picture on favorites” screen that puts all my favorite Icons under a “more” button. I really HATE it and want to revert back to a previous version if I can’t turn it off’


I agree!! I found out how to turn off the background, but I’m still limited four options and there is so much unused space. I don’t mind the “show more” button, but why only have one row before showing that?
Please add more rows or turn it back to the way it was.

Please fix this or let us revert to previous version. I love brave but please…

Yes, this is annoying. Why would you require more button taps to show favorites? Revert it back to the way it was, or if you really want to push this design then make it the default but put some kind of setting or option to show all of them. Safari for iOS does this, and it just makes sense for phones to have icons that are easier to tap.

This has become so annoying that I am on the verge of putting Brave aside until it gets fixed. Please fix this

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Yeah, on iOS there’s friction in switching browsers as you can’t change defaults, so any small annoyances like this seem like a bigger deal, at least to me. It’s the whole reason I went back to Safari from Chrome a few years ago, when they changed their UX and got rid of swiping to change tabs (my favorite feature that made me use Chrome for iOS in the first place). I went back to Safari for now, again, as I can see all my favorites… and the added benefit of being the default browser anyway. :confused:

Fix this or lose me…I’m that frustrated

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