[Mobile] Background images are nice to have but favorites are more important!

The latest iOS update reduced the amount of favorites you can have on the start page. Previously the Android update did the same while the favorite feature on Android has been catastrophic since the beginning (random favorites, can’t create your own, very limited).
I don’t get why the favorites feature is so neglected in Brave. The competitors are way ahead in terms of favorites, reading lists etc.


I second this! Please bring back the old Favorites on the New Tab page with multiple rows. While we’re on this topic, it’d be great if the icon can detect the sites’ favicon with better consistency. Only a handful of site’s favicon’s actually get displayed; the rest just gets a large letter…

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I third this. It sucks to be blunt

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Yes, please bring back this feature. So much blank space in there. Icons are very useful in phones, so don’t just make it similar to the desktop browser home page just for the sake of it.

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Completely agree. Browsers are to view the web… not artwork. Please bring back this functionality.

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I also completely agree. I was extremely displeased to see this change on Android. Please put it back the way it was.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

We understand the frustration. In one of our upcoming releases (probably mid-Jan), we will bring back an option to see all favorites, when a user disables the background images. Currently background images can be disabled, but favorites are still limited to one row.


I’m wondering why one of these features excludes the other?

Moreover I’d like to emphasize a few other feature wishes related to this topic:

  1. Manually createable/editable favorites on Android. There’s currently some auto process and it’s quite diffficult to get the favorites you want.

  2. Reading list. In Safari there’s a reading list next to the bookmarks bar. Right now I leave tabs open if I see an interesting article for example. This leads to a chaotic tab order when it’s more than about five tabs.

  3. Black standard background for loading websites in dark mode. It’ s currently white and it blinds me quite often when I load a new page.

  4. Selective web content inversion options on iOS. Firefox on iOS has this feature and you can also set it up on Android via chrome://flags.


When will the see all favorites option be put back. I’m very frustrated but trying to be patient

When disabling background images, all favorites will be shown again, like before.

@joel What if one wants both background image and all favs?
BTW:: Nice Discourse theming. I like it :slight_smile:

@macfanol currently there is no way to accomplish this.

If you feel strongly about the feature, I’d highly suggest leaving it in our Feature Request section here on Community.

The remedy that you recently implemented has a new bug. The keyboard will no longer properly disappear when clearing the URL bar of an existing tab, hence blocking the lower half of any favorites.

The only way you get access to all your favorites is having to open a new tab each time. Frankly, I’d prefer a one-tap experience to my favorites by having a button on the bottom of the browser. But in absence of that, please at least restore the ability to view all favorites when tapping the URL bar and clearing it.

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downloaded Brave mid-January and saw the lack of a favorites list right away. I’ll stick with it a couple weeks but will drop Brave if this is going to stay.