Avoid saving search history

please is there any way, to get rid of searches in suggestions when typing address?
I don’t want to remove history suggestions from autocompletition completely, because I need visited sites there, but searches are just pointlessly taking up space, and I need to get past them to reach visited sites when I am navigating with keyboard. I hope it is understandable

What do you have in the setting below?



It was on. I have turned it off and tried search, no difference.

I think you need to show a screenshot what exactly you mean.
You might think you explained it right but there are differences on many things around the browser and one might be accomplished and others don’t.

That auto-complete searches and URLs, is the one where you type a word and it will show 3 suggestions of your default search engine:

the brave.com is turned off by going to brave://settings/appearance and turning off Top Sites

Suggestion Sites is when you type Bitcoin and you get binance with referral links to support Brave (the whole drama 2 years ago that people lied about sayig how brave was ‘injecting’ referral codes)

And then Browsing History and Bookmarks do what they say. But that’s all you can turn off.
Anything else would be something like you visited and you can just clear the History or use Shift+Delete or the x in the end of the history entry.

Past search engine searches are just normal history entries identified as search searches because of the way they were performed, but they are still just normal history entries, so you will need to clean anything Brave search or whatever saearch engine is your default from history to get rid of them.

I think that is what you mean and I hope that is what you mean though. But not much you can do, just clear them regularity because there is not like a feature to stop a domain from recording in history natively, unless you use inPrivate just for searching.
Maybe this extension like this should do the job or something similar:

This extension exactly did the job. I just wish there were a native way, because I am trying to stay clear of extensions as much as possible. Browsers is resource heavy even without them.

Thanks Emi.

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