Avg and avast etc do not allow brave browser

avg and avast etc do not allow brave browser

server certificate expired
brave chaos
good luck fellow sufferers.
can you recommend a good browser- that actually works
thanks all

You already tried to go www.brave.com instead of p3a.brave.com?
Good luck with your search for a browser xD…

please explain your reply.
the p3a led to

Error 403 Forbidden


Guru Mediation:

Details: cache-sea4454-SEA 1639860658 2032056653

Varnish cache server

That website is not the official source, please always remember to verify domains
here is the official brave download

i downloaded it direct from the correct source


Brave is up to date

Version 1.33.106 Chromium: 96.0.4664.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)

i use it on a win7 laptop

p3a.brave.com cert is fine. https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=p3a.brave.com

I would report to AVG/Avast support.

each will point fingers at each other.

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