I can't use brave browser properly on my PC

Hi i install brave browser on my PC. But after launch it my AVG antivirus blocked many certificate of the browser and i can’t install extension on the browser. It always failed to install extension. Please help me.

Can you show a screenshot of the issue?

Are you on Windows 7 by any chance?

Yes i use windows 7. Ok i will send screenshot

Ok, thanks.

Please also read through this thread, as it is probably the same issue: AVG blocking some Brave components due to security cert issue

Hi, Here you can see its blocked my brave browsers server certificate

Yeah, I’m 98+% certain it’s the same issue as linked above. Please refer to that thread.

In short, since you are running Windows 7 and it isn’t updating certificates on its own (thru Windows Update), you will need to update them by hand and then I suspect the issue will go away.

I watch that video in that thread. AVG blocked my so many certificate But in that video it only show about one certificate

It’s still the same issue. There is a root certificate, which signs other web site certificates, that expired. So the expiration of one certificate breaks a ton of sites and applications.

Not worked. I import the certificate

Maybe try rebooting the computer and try again.

If it still fails, try again with AVG temporarily disabled?