AVG blocking some Brave components due to security cert issue

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1.AVG has blocked access to https://componentupdater.brave.com because one of the issuers of the server certificate has expired. Also static1.brave and safebrowsing.brave
2.Happens every time I use Brave, home page is allmyfaves.com - does not occur with firefox

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Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.30.89 Chromium: 94.0.4606.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
Running win7 Home Premium SP1


It’s probably expired certificates due to your outdated, out of support operating system.

Those links contain a couple of workarounds to get past it, but if you can upgrade to Windows 10 at all, that would be recommended for the long term.

@Mattches , I wonder if Brave would want to have a pinned topic in this forum about the LetsEncrypt issue? I’ve lost count of how many posts have been raised here since Sept. 30 due to this.

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I’ve pinned a post in #support-and-troubleshooting with shortcuts to workarounds for both Windows and macOS users:

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Greetings, Thanks for the quick response. I do not appear to have the problem as defined in the posted solution - NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID Error.
My issue appears to be AVG anti virus is blocking Brave components. For instance, I attempted to use Brave to access this forum - blocked. Screenshot link below.

Thanks, Mike

Looks to me like it is in fact the same problem. It’s just that AVG is inserting itself in the connection to validate the certificate, instead of Brave doing that. AVG resets the connection before Brave ever sees the certificate.

Indeed, thanks for the help. The offered fix of deleting the expired cert was not effective for me, as it would not stay deleted. I did find (https://techglimpse.com/dst-root-ca-x3-expired-certificate-error/) helpful as it contains a link to an active cert, and after loading it into cert stores my issue seems to be resolved, Brave is again working.

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