Avast stopping 'Blacklist' Virus on This Forum

My Avast is coming up on this forum! What’s going on here?

Sounds like you have a fake extension or some sort of adware/malware on your device that is trying to open up websites. You probably should do a full scan of your computer, but also look into extensions or programs you might have recently added. It’s not to do with this website. It’s just that those things will randomly appear as you use the internet, if you’ve been effected. If it would have opened, it would have been something like:


Of course, that prompt in the screenshot would have been a scam. Malware/adware will typically be added to your device when you download something or add extensions. Primarily they get included in free stuff you get, packaged in. Then they will try to collect your data, send you to scam links, etc.

It turns out that Avast is what is stopping the browser and blocking many sites. But the question is now… Is it a false positive or not? I think it’s on the Brave Forum!
Thanks for your help Saoiray.
P.S. I did do a FULL scan of my computer as you suggested. It was clean.

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