Avast blocking some brave features?

Each time I am doing a search with brave AVast antivirus is notifying me it stopped two threats :

  1. Trojan infection, connection to prodliying.com is infected
  2. Trojan infection, connection to Landyhome.net is infected

I read online that those website are for brave ads.
Could you please confirm if I should white list them in my antivurs or if those are potentialy harmfull for my desktop.


Most harmful thing for your desktop is Avast

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It could be an ad popup being picked up, not a Brave specific fault

I would avoid using any “Web protection” option or a Avast chromium extension also. I use Malware bytes personally, but don’t use any webprotection/extension all disabled. Also relying on the Windows defender as an Anti-virus.

I’d be interested in seeing a screenshot showing the Avast warning as well as the search results page too.

Where did you read this?

I would be careful with these unless someone from Brave actually does confirm they are involved in the Ads program somehow. Smells fishy to me, especially considering one of the domains seems to not exist (as of right now), and the other looks like some kind of Thai realty site or something. I didn’t spend a lot of time on it but nothing screams ‘Brave Software infrastructure’ to me.

It is true that Avast has been quite ‘problematic’ here lately, but it might be doing something right in this case.

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