Fake virus popup removal

I have been unable to remove fake virus popups. I have not clicked on them. They have Macafee and Microsoft edge logos and say “your pc infected” or “5 virus found”. They come on every few minutes. Win 10, Brave Browser. I have tried the suggestions on Google without success.

@aben If it’s happening within particular sites, we need you to share which ones. Also, it’s important to know which version of Brave you’re using (don’t just say “latest”), which type of device you’re using, if you’ve tried changing Shield settings (and which settings you’re using), etc.

If you’re saying they randomly pop up wherever, then it sounds like malware. So I’d check your extensions you’ve installed and also run something like Malwarebytes on your device.

saoiray, Thanks for the reply.
The popups are random, They come on whether Brave is on or not.
Version, 1.43.93 chromium 105.0.5195.1.27 64 bit
Trackers and ad blockers - set on standard.
I am using Win 10 desktop 64 bit
I have run Malwarebytes without results.

That means highly likely you had adware/malware on your device. If you’re saying MalwareBytes isn’t picking it up, then not sure where else it might be. I mean, it could be a virus as well.

All I can really suggest is just to make sure to do deep scans of your device and to try to check what programs you have installed. Also to go through your extensions again, maybe remove them all and see if it stops.

saoiray, Thanks I will keep trying.

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