Antivirus and Startup

Hi folks
Last few times I’ve done a startup of Brave my anti virus program is suggesting a virus called linked to starting up Brave. Has anyone else encountered this and if so what can be done about it. Your response will be greatly appreciated. walkman1943

Which antivirus? Would either be a false positive, or I would clear the cache (in case a dodgy file is lurking there).

I’m using Antivirus from Avast. How do I clear the catch on brave please? BTW it is a fantastic Browser brought to my attention by Computeractive Magazine a while back. I really love it and hope to stick with it for a long time to come. Thanks for your reply and help.

@walkman1943 The one that you listed is actually in adware. It generally has been installed on computers when you have downloaded certain applications or extensions. This means that you must have recently downloaded or installed something on your computer that has plays that hardware on. What is attempting to do is redirect you to websites, such as one that goes by the same name as the adware.

Run a program that can search for malware, such as malware bytes or Ad-aware from Lavasoft. See if it find anything and will help you remove it. I would have thought Avast might have caught it if you ran a full scan but I’m not sure what’s going on there. And if that doesn’t solve it then try to look at extensions that you’ve recently added to Brave or on programs that you recently installed on your computer and see if maybe removing those can resolve the issue

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