Doubts about the browser and its detection with antivirus

I have a doubt abour the browser.

If you analyze the installer in (a good web to analyze archives with many antivirus) 1 of them (antivirus) mark Brave browser like a trojan.

Anyone knew the reason of this?

We get this issue every now and then. It is typically due to the fact that Brave comes packaged with Tor components (as well as other privacy features) as well as Crypto features that can sometimes be flagged as malicious even though they are not.

As long as you downloaded the browser from our official website or our Github repository, you are safe to install and run Brave. I can assure you there are no trojans or malware of any kind contained in the official packages. I’ve also reached out to Virus total to inform them of this false positive.

Yes, i install the Browser from a Youtuber. (Ref. Code), in

Thanks for answer me, have a good day!

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