Automatically delete Brave Android browser data on exit

Hello, i still miss at Brave Android, that you can’t set that the browser data is automatically deleted when you exit. Just like with Edge or Firefox. Or at least that you can set that Brave starts by default in the private tab. Why are there such functions still with a browser that puts so much emphasis on privacy?


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We have an open issues for this.
I’ll add +1 for it on your behalf. Thank you!


Please add another :+1: for me…

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Add +1 for me also. The app is bloated in my phone going beyond 500MB of internal storage, where apps like duckduckgo remain within 50MB. Please add the option to delete browser data on app exit just as like the way you have implemented in the Mac version of Brave.

That option would be very cool. If it delets all cookies when you press the exit button. It must be possible to do that somehow, because the edge browser has that option.
Thanks to the developers for that great browser.
And a happy new year to everyone
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Add me to the list of those who agree. In my opinion, any browser concerned about user privacy should provide an option for always starting in private mode or in a private tab.