Setting Brave Mobile on Android to auto delete selected or ALL browsing data on Brave app exit

I see the issue being addressed, but the last entires on Github from yesterday/this morning show it’s in the beta, and some issues still being.

Im new to brave, so is there any context for how long stuff like this will get to the update for the GA release?

Here is the topic I read thru to get the info I posted above:

Thank you for reaching out to us.
For this particular issue, it should be made available in the browser update to version 1.26.x – I believe we have a minor release that was published today, so the next update after today’s should have the Clear data on exit option implemented.

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You can track for the most correct information. As of the moment, the release is planned for 22nd of June, but it’s not a date set in stone and is possible to undergo changes.

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