Clear browsing data automatically

I want a features that can remove browsing data (cache, cookies, history, open tabs, etc) when i tap exit button. So when i tap exit, it will remove anything automatically. Thanks.


I fully support this idea and I also want to prohibit caching out of the box. ban caching is well suited for ssd hd :fire:

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Thanks for the feedback @Fauzi,

We’ve an issue logged to add this functionality. The team may work on it later.



I get tired of deleting this manually every time I use this browser.
Then I switch to Firefox Focus and it does it automatically. I would by far rather use Brave.

@Fauzi @Jinks this feature is available with latest release on desktop.

Option is available under brave://settings/clearBrowserData or Ctrl + Shift + Delete shortcut (Windows)

Desktop has this feature but we still need it on Android.


Love the browser clean-up on exit and use it!
Let me add my voice to the choir :slight_smile:
Would love it even more if feature could be added to the Android [and Apple] browsers!

Thanks in advance…

I want that, too. I like the ‘burn all data’ button in duckduckgo browser on android best. It’s right on top and clears all data.