Auto Clear Data on exit / Always incognito mode

Please, add this feature in privacy setting. Most privacy browser has this feature.
Also, it would be better if we could set exception for certain sites. I saw this feature in Duckduckgo (It’s called fireproof there) and I loved it.
It allows you to keep your browsing record clean without logging out of your frequently visited sites.

Just like the desktop browser, Android needs this feature. Currently, on Android, we must click menu>settings>privacy>clear browsing data>All time dropdown>All time>Close. Way too much trouble!


Right. And I often forget to do that. I just close my browser and move on to do other things.

I have to erase like 500 mb of data all days. This feature could help a lot.

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I was thinking about post this feature also, but you got first! :slight_smile: Needed ASAP for android browser app! Its a great feature on desktop browser and its missing from android browser app! I was frustrated right away that AUTO CLEAR cookies and data and history on EXIT is missing on android app but it’s on desktop version.

‘Delete browsing data on exit’ feature like in firefox would be nice.
They should rename ‘exit’ option to ‘clear and exit’

I just came here to request similar. I’d been using DDG as my ‘default’ browser on Android, because most of the time I don’t care about retaining history on mobile. Chrom* browsers such as Brave conveniently will provide a notification you can tap, to close all Private windows, which is great – as long as you remember to do it. Having a time-based, auto-close/erase feature like DDG would be fantastic.

And of course, being able to use Private mode as a default would be great also. If Brave could present Private mode as another browser ‘app’ somehow that would be ideal, because then anytime you want to associate a browser with a certain function, you could choose whether to use Private mode or standard mode. (Not sure if that’s achievable on Android from a single app.)