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Guys, it’s not right to do an automatic update on you Browser if it goes past the operating system being used on a Mac. Other browsers warn you there’s an update and your system is too old. But some of us need these older Macs. And older operating systems because we have extensive and extremely expensive audio and video software and to update the Mac system means everything would have to be repurchased at extreme expense. I have newer macs, with the most recent OS on it and that’s fine. But my primary work computer now has a copy of Brave on it that doesn’t work. Wouldn’t bother me, but it’s been my primary browser for years now. It won’t be if you guys don’t care about your users. It only hour to report every back into another browser from here.

It only take an hour to port everything back into another browser.

Hi, @edwallace570. Sorry for your trouble.

I see that you already ported your stuff to another browser, but it’s possible to downgrade Brave, probably in place, by downloading the .dmg of the last version that ran from the Releases site, dragging Brave to Applications, and launching. All of your stuff should still be there, unless you trashed the folder in your Library folder.

There’s still the matter of the autoupdates, though, and while there doesn’t seem to be a setting, you could try locking Brave in the Finder? That is, go to Applications, right-click or control-click Brave, and in the ensuing window, check the box next to Locked. In theory, that should prevent changes.

Also, it looks like the devs heard the users’ complaints, albeit too late for those using older OS. This is what I get in Nightly on Big Sur, now:

Also, you could try what I suggest in the rest of the post here:

Also, I know you’ve already ported, but one can successfully copy at least the Bookmarks file to other Chromium-based browsers. I’ve done it both ways successfully. In fact, I copied the bulk of my profile folder to Chromium and found most things to be okay, though I might have had to reinstall some extensions. The posts below might provide some help on where to find stuff.

Thank you for the tip to simply lock down the app. That handled the problem well.

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