Automatic updates without administrator rights (MacOS)

I have a multi-user setup on MacOS with one administrator account. Each person who uses the computer has a separate user account. Brave and Chrome are both installed.

Regardless of which user is logged in,

  • Chrome version checks, downloads, and auto-updates in the background; it completes the installation, and applies the update if/when the browser is relaunched. The process is silent and transparent.

  • Brave version checks in the background, but pops up a prompt for an administrator login/password seemingly before downloading, let alone completing installation, then again prompts to relaunch the browser to apply the update. The process is the opposite of silent and transparent.

Brave updates are frequent, so the general experience for all users on the machine is to have administrator credential popups every time Brave is used.

Assuming there is nothing about my specific Brave installation that causes this, I think a great feature would be Chrome-like automatic updates for multi-user setups. Only one person holds the admin credentials (i.e. me), but all users see noisy prompts for admin login to apply the updates.