On Mac When Update Don't Ask For Admin Credential If Installed In ~/Applications

Brave is installed in my home folder ~/Applications. Update should be able to install without asking for admin login! Please don’t ask for admin login in this situation.

I never want to provide admin login to any app asking for it for no valid reason…I don’t like Chrome for this reason because it secretly install other things I don’t like…

Firefox is able to update just fine without ask for any admin login!

Does it ask you for the password on every update or just after installing?

I’ve been waiting for a new update to test this, but no update yet for so many days :frowning:

My version: Version 0.64.77 Chromium: 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It keep saying is update to date…wating…

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Thank you for your patience – and for bumping this thread.
If you’d rather skip the rate, you can try downloading our Nightly builds. These are updated…well, nightly, so you’d have the chance to update sooner than you would were you to wait for an update to Release channel.

The Nightly build updated itself and it did not ask for admin credential!

I realize what happen to cause Brave to ask for admin credential to update itself: when I first installed Brave, I did the install to the system Applications folder, and provided the Mac with admin credential. Then I moved Brave from system Applications to my home Applications. So I am pretty sure the Brave executable file was set to “owned by admin” even though I moved it. So Brave update needed to ask for admin credential to override…

If I had simply install Brave into my home Applications in the first place, I would have not encounter this problem. So Brave update works fine…it’s was my problem…


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