Auto Sizing from Brave a bit out of bounds in Linux Mint Linux Mint 20.3

**Under Mint, as in many operating systems, you can have windows automatically closed, e.g. with [Win/Meta]+[→]

This also works with Linux Mint. Since the latest version of Brave, I have noticed that the Brave window is no longer scaled correctly. This problem only affects Brave.
There seems to be a small gap of a few pixels at the top and a shift over the bottom bar at the bottom, which is not too bad, but if you move the mouse over a link you can no longer read the linked URL at the bottom of the window, for example.**

Install Brave on Linux Mint 20.3 and size the brave window with the metioned shortcut

Brave window is flush with the top and possibly bottom panel strip, there is no gap or overlap with the panel strip.

**This problem only occurs with Brave and not with other windows. **

That was happening in Gnome, but was fixed (in the upstream project) at the version you mention. Try it in Chrome and if it’s broken there, update the issues tracker