Auto contributions failing and stuck in limbo

Auto contributions seem to be failing and are stuck in limbo inaccessible to me.
Is there a way to make them accessible so I can at least send them to somebody manually?

In brave://rewards-internals/ I can see 2 stuck sets and 1 that seems to have failed.

Created at: 01/10/2020
Type: Auto Contribute
Amount: 12.25 BAT
Step: Prepare
Retry Count: 678
Processor: Rewards BAT

Created at: 30/08/2020
Type: Auto Contribute
Amount: 15 BAT
Step: Prepare
Retry Count: 30000
Processor: Rewards BAT

Created at: 30/07/2020
Type: Auto Contribute
Amount: 1.25 BAT
Step: Failed
Retry Count: -1
Processor: Rewards BAT

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Thank you for the information. Let me reach out to some Rewards team members and see what might be happening here.

All the sites I visited are no longer recorded/ added to the contribution listing. Whole system is jacked up!!

I guess it is. Iā€™m not seeing any ads at all at the moment.