Auto add my Bat token from the browser to my wallet

What operating system are you using? windows 11

Brave Version (check About Brave):

Additional Information:
add the feature to auto add my Bat token generated from Brave Browser to my Brave wallet

Simply not possible. Blame government rules and regulations.

They are working on on chain payments on Solana and stuff but no ETA and other update if it’s gonna be coming even

@Hanzinater you may want to read through the links below:

Isn’t the main reason for crypto currencies to exist to get off any government’s grip? That’s why there’s a blockchain. One shouldn’t be forced to have their wallet at an online provider.

Of course. But Brave here has to follow government rules and other financial regulations.
They are looking ways where we can get it to non custodial wallets in a legal way

@Bachsau the main reason for crypto isn’t to get off of government’s grip. It was to provide a reliable cash system that wouldn’t rely on banks. It was built because a number of banks had collapsed. The idea is the system would be able to thrive without relying on banks or government. But that’s just the thing, it’s not relying on them. Government will always look to tax people and try to limit ways of people funding human trafficking, drugs, terrorism, etc.

There’s a difference between creating something so it’s not reliant on a central system (like bank or government) and having a system free of regulations or laws. This especially is true when it’s tracking fiat. If crypto remained crypto and didn’t get exchanged to fiat, you’d have a strong argument perhaps for no government interference. But that’s not the case at all.

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