Concern About Brave Rewards

Hello! My friends downloaded and installed Brave Browser using my link but in some point they are not appearing in “downloaded” to my Brave Rewards account. How can i fix this? I’ve connected my youtube channel and i’ve connected my verified uphold account.

Hi @Ronalddd,

“Downloaded” is new user download Brave using your referral, install and open it. There’s a check happens when Brave opened for the first time.

Also, referral is working on
Windows, macOS and mobile (Android, iOS). It’s not working for Linux.

So i have to wait some time for it to appear on “downloaded”? But my friends are using it already.

hello ya when someyone use your referal link.s you doreceive token.s and will be paid when payment goes out 1time amonth review the date your payments come in for me it is evry 8thof each month

Hi Ronalddd, can you keep checking back periodically? It could be that the counter in your dashboard simply hasn’t refreshed yet. Can you also provide your referral link to me, in case the backend publishers team needs to check your referral code for errors? Thanks.

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