One Question About Reffer

Will I get Reffer bonus for one month or every month from my friend???(if my friend browse brave regularly).

If you refer one person and the one uses Brave for 30 days the you will get one referral reward. The reward will be $1 equivalent BAT as far as now.

The rewards will depends on the users from which country they are using it.

Eg. If the person you referred is in US, after the 30 days of usage you get $6 equivalent BAT or the currency you choose in your account.

Hi, New publisher here. I have verified my uphold wallet on my Android device but on my desktop it seems to have not linked.

Also I cannot see a referral tab within the system although I have verified two channels and know that two friends have installed from my code through my Twitter link. Or is this simply to tip?

Is it mean to show? Am I missing something?

Thank you

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