I don’t know how to earn BAT

I thought I read that you could earn BAT and spend BAT on the Brave browser. I can’t seem to figure it out. Please help :grimacing: :grimacing:

Hello @BLance86! Welcome aboard! You can earn BATs on your Brave wallet by viewing ads and claiming grants. Those earned BATs can be used to tip your favorite publishers or video creators. You can tip a website or channel by CLICKing the BAT icon on the upper right corner of your Brave browser then click ‘SEND A TIP’, there you can choose how much you want to give/tip.

If you’re a publisher or creator you can join the Brave Rewards Creators program and earn $BAT by referring new users to Brave, receiving tips from visitors, and share on viewed ads of visitors on your website or channel.

You can also check the FAQs pages here:

Hi! I am in the USA and I have been using Brave Browser Beta for several hours, and so far I do not have any ads popping up (I have it set to 5x/ hour), even though I have Brave rewards turned on - any suggestions?


Do you have notification turned on for the brave app Brave Rewards - Opted into Ad's Not Seeing Any please read that

Thanks! Following up on that thread with findings!

Brave rewards on iOS is not ready yet(I see this topic marked as iOS)

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