Are you having problems downloading Browser Extensions from the Chrome Web Store? This is a fix!

If you’re having troubles getting Chrome Store extensions to download to your Brave browser for whatever reason, until the Brave Code Warriors get that bug worked out, which I’m sure they will because they RULE! This WILL work 100% on a Win 10pro machine in the meantime, and probably on many other OS’s and versions thereof:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Start For Free” button
  3. Paste the URL to the extension you want to download from the Chrome Store into the text box labeled “Download .CRX file”
  4. Click “Download” Button
  5. The “Download” button changes to a “Get .CRX” so click that (again)
  6. Choose the destination folder you’d like to download the .CRX on your machine, and click save.
  7. Open your extensions tab in Brave (Be sure to have “Developer Mode” toggle switch in upper right hand corner set to “ON”)
  8. Drag and Drop the .CRX file from the folder you downloaded it to into the extensions tab
  9. Dance the “Happy Dance of Joy and Relief” as your extension is now added to Brave
    (Note: After you’ve completed these steps, you DO NOT need to keep the .CRX you downloaded on your machine unless you so choose to do so, so feel free to delete it from your HD)

Hope this helps!!!

Much love!!! :v:


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