Are braves dying?

Are braves dying? you limited the reward to 19 countries, people who have participated in the reward before in other countries cannot claim their reward, their effort and time is destroyed by you. too bad you guys seem to be scamming users.

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the region limitations are about valid legal custodians to receive BAT, it isn’t Braves call.

Actually, it is/was primarily Brave that made the decision. And as they announced, it’s temporary. There were a lot of issues they needed to work out. To quote:

We’ve moved fast in trying to get BAT to everyone and make ourselves available in as many regions as possible. Unfortunately each government has different restrictions and we’ve encountered some pushback from that in different countries. For example, each country has different requirements for KYC/AML among other things that weren’t being met by current standards, so those regions had to be put on hold while this gets resolved.

Nope, Brave isn’t dying. Everything is going well.

Yep, this was done temporarily. These 19 countries were operating with no pushback or issues. All regulations were being met and so were able to continue operating for anyone in those areas.

First off, they CAN claim and need to claim their rewards. This is important as you only have 90 days to claim. What has been restricted is that people in those regions can’t link Brave to Uphold or Gemini at this time. You still earn BAT, can save, or can tip Creators.

Not at all. If you believe that, then you have a lot to learn about Rewards and how Brave works as a browser.

Scamming by paying people, huh? Quite an interesting take.

That aside, even if Brave would suddenly stop offering Rewards, that wouldn’t be a scam or any time/effort destroyed. People would have been profiting up to the point that it stopped. Then they get to make a decision what they want to do. If nothing else, how about you consider the time and effort you saved with Brave. Such as:

New Tab - Brave 8_15_2022 11_06_41 PM

And keep in mind, you didn’t have to do ANYTHING to get BAT. Notifications showed on your device, which you didn’t have to click or interact with at all. It is completely passive. In exchange, you were blocking ads on websites, preserving your privacy, and a lot more.

Like I said, try learning a bit more about Rewards and how Brave works (^_^)


Brave scam, creator under review

Hi @hinewmember

If you have not done so already, please send an email to with an answer to the following questions:

  1. How did you solicit tips/referrals/etc.?
  2. Do you believe you may have done something to trigger our security checks? If so, please explain in detail.

Account reviews take time. We will have a final decision for you before next month’s payout. If you’re cleared, you’ll be paid out in full then.


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