In the future unsupported regions will be eliminated completely from earning or participating in getting BAT,nightly update

I downloaded the latest version of nightly and saw that from now on if you are from an unsupported region you wont have the ability to view ads anymore unless you connect a custodial partner, seeing that unsupported regions dont have access to that it looks like the end of the line for all of us from unsupported regions in participating in receiving bat from brave, so, to make it clear it looks like if you have an unverified wallet, ads wont count and you wont be able to store bat, tip creators or receive bat to a previous connection, I knew that brave was going this way but luckily I spot trade, I always read bad news on here bat im glad im not a part of it or upset this time around, I just saw that brave is really starting to take a really hard line and it is what it is I guess,but as I said, I saw it was coming because of the technical terms and the lingo and how they pause and talk robotically in brave talk concerning these matters, but hey what can I say atleast I missed the curve through my initiative, but its also sad to see how much of a hard line they are talking because they actually helped solve alot of issues through brave rewards all across the world, but like I said, I’m just glad that I got to miss this block and dissapointment through pivoting, but ye looks like brave is totalitarian nowadays and just smashing and bashing countries out the way.I cant actually believe it but hey I knew they dont care about peoples futures in other countries, I spoke to my friend and he said he was a student and brave was helping him financially with his student life to soften the blow, but now they dont even care and completely removed countries,so ye thats the taste ill always have in my mouth about brave and big corperates, its really ruthless and if your voice is small in this world sheesh,good luck coz these big guys dont care,eish,I know the game, it just looks like there was alot of participation from unexpected regions so they had to block those regions because they could possibly be competition, so ye its a dirty game and thats why you got to pivot.its a cold world hey. @Saoiray @Mattches

Totally accord. Brave is disappointment for all of us, at least for me.

@Deandada Sorry for delayed response. Think I got deterred by the wall of text. It really helps if you create paragraphs. When bunch of stuff stringed together like this, makes it hard to read.

Not true, in terms of “from now on.” This becomes active in version 1.48 which will release in February. So close, but not completely accurate.

Incorrect. vBAT will last until at least April and there’s still talks with another custodial partner that’s in place. For example:

New Tab - Brave 1_21_2023 09_42_50

If this happens, then India and other countries will be able to be supported through this next partner. Brave is also working closely with Uphold (and a bit with Gemini) to get countries added again.

Partially incorrect. You will still be able to view ads and you’ll earn BAT that gets auto-contributed to the Creators you visit. The difference is that you will not be able to earn BAT for yourself and, as a result, you won’t have direct control over which Creator gets how much BAT. Instead it will be based on how much time you spend on their websites and how many Creators you visit.

Keep in mind this is because of governments. There have always been some strict requirements around this due to FinCEN and other regulations, but now recently many governments are increasing their strictness on the regulation of cryptocurrency.

If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about, you may want to read up on the links I provide at the post below:

This isn’t Brave’s doing. This is the custodial partners putting limitations on Brave but not always being willing to admit it. For a long time, Uphold wasn’t allowing anyone to connect to countries like Colombia, India etc (Brazil was on the list just the other day, but gone now). But when Brave advised this, everyone called Brave liars and got upset. Yet if you look now at Uphold’s list, they finally officially have limited access to those countries. List is at

Wouldn’t say it’s robotically. What you do hear in this is them hesitating and trying to think what they can say. Don’t forget that Brave has Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) with these partners and there are also contracts that have to be renewed for the partnership to continue and for Users to have the ability to link accounts. As a result, staff from Brave have to be careful not only to make sure they don’t violate the NDA, but also to make sure they don’t make the partners look bad or they may not want to continue a relationship in the future (won’t renew contracts).

I know it’s hard to want to accept or believe, but there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than people might think.

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