April rewards not paid out to Uphold - skipped to May

My Feb rewards transferred successfully to Uphold on 6th March, but my March rewards that were meant to transfer yesterday (6th April) did not transfer, and now Brave says my next payment date is 6th May.

OS Windows 10 Pro 19041.867
Brave Version 1.22.71 Chromium: 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)

My Uphold wallet is verified in the Brave rewards page:


Same Here but I am a Android user with brave latest version(Auto-Update Enabled) I also didn’t get Paid my wallet is verified. But it was paid later. :slightly_smiling_face:

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same for me! any help on how to move them without waiting May?

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same for me. anyone found explanation ?

Payments still in progress

i have read that transferring from brave rewards to uphold is instant.

can some devs help us with this. i already sent steven 2dm’s but no reply.

Hi @cjknws, this is what’s supposed to happen once the payout process has completed, yes.
The process is still underway:

You should watch and follow that thread. When the green icons turn red/ Support updates there, the process will be complete.

If you are still having some issue after the process has finished, you need to follow the directions there in the second half of that post:

I also suggest that if you do need to DM steeven, use a current DM thread you’ve made, and just update/ edit it with the info needed - sending multiple DMs just fills up his inbox and slows the support process for all.

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noted on that. thanks a lot sir.

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tengo pendientes las recompensas de febrero, primero dijeron en marzo, y tener paciencia, después llegó el 6 de abril, y paciencia, y después pone que el próximo pago será el 6 de junio. Cuanto hay que esperar?. Y mientras sigue bloquead, es decir no se pueden ver nuevos anuncios.

Payouts are currently in progress, so don’t be alarmed if you have not yet been rewarded. If you’re verified, you don’t need to do anything to receive your BAT; tokens will be automatically deposited into your associated Uphold card. If you’re not verified, when your rewards are available you will be presented with a claim button in the Brave Rewards page. Please see this thread for updates - April 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status.