My Estimated Pending Rewards not transferred to uphold wallet, Why..?

My Estimated Pending Rewards not transferred to uphold wallet, Why?

  1. I am using latest Version 1.22.70 of brave browser.
  2. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting my brave wallet to uphold wallet but nothing worked

I am sharing a screenshot of brave rewards
Please check and resolve this issue please


bro same situation. do you know whats going on?

no bro, its stuck in Estimated Pending Rewards for months now. that why i am trying to contact brave rewards support.

How did you got 32BAT😵

well its been there for months now, since i have started using brave XD

i can think only one word, s_am…

no its not what you are thinking, normally they have paid out small amounts which i have received after i verified my uphold wallet, but these BATs were not transferred as my wallet was not verified at that time, and keeps showing in Estimated Pending Rewards, i am positive that the Brave support team will help us with it.

hei @steeven I have the same situation, can u help us?

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I have the same problem. It shows me “next payment 6 Jun” but the rewards of April are still suspended. Why Jun and not May???

same situation bro dont know whats the error

Hi, the numbers may seem a little off for some while payout is processing.
You can read this post and follow it for any updates:

Check if your setup is all right on your end as instructed in the first half, and then just wait a bit :slight_smile:
It can take up to several days for all to process. If you still have an issue after the process has finished (the green icon should turn to red then, I believe), you can follow the instructions of the second half of that post to contact Support.
Hopefully it will go smoothly, though :crossed_fingers:

The same as you !
And i’ve got a verified uphold wallet, it is noted that the next payment will be in may but nothing received for march too

Same Here, Last month i wasnt payd even after claiming 4.5 bat, and showing screenshots of my problem. They promesed me a screen share to sort this out and never contact me again afther I send their team numerous emails. Now another month another missing payment after claiming.

@steeven can you help us out here?

Hi @NXViper please see my reply to your DM. Thanks!

@amodchavan payments are still processing April 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status.